MaD_DiEaT – Here’s everything you should know about our millennials

MaD_DiEat is an honest attempt by this childhood friend duo (Mithisha and Dimple) to declutter all the nutrition advice available on Instagram, while depicting this in the form of doodles, and leveraging their collective sense of humour to educate with a bit of fun – they call this ‘FunTrition.’

Dimple and Mithisha – millennials of the digital age are partnering on their passion for fitness and doodling respectively to reshape the way we consume health and art content on the internet today.

The creative doodles on this page are done by Mithisha – a professional doodle artist.

You can find her work on@blink13 and the nutritional information is provided by Dimple – a certified nutritionist and uses this page also as a personal blog to share her own weight-loss transformation journey, along with her passion for all things fitness.

Dimple also taken her passion one step further and is pursuing a certification course on Holistic Health.

And is open for consultations!!!!

They started this to ‘Make A Difference’ (MaD) and propagate the idea that you must eat your food and not die of starvation (DiEat) in order to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

They also use this platform to talk about the importance of holistic health (physical, mental and spiritual), eating disorders, busting myths about fad diets, body image and confidence, sustainable diet tips, workout vlogs and collaborations with likeminded individuals to give you all the fitness inspiration you require.

You can also watch Dimple’s honest fitness journey to know her better –

Also, now that we all understand the importance of mental health way better, especially after the major pandemic we witnessed in 2020 – here’s an article where Dimple has poured her heart about her journey with Major Depressive Disorder –  My Journey With Major Depressive Disorder; MDD as an Immigrant | Now&Me (

You can directly message Dimple on @mad_dieat or alternatively fill out the nutrition survey in their bio to get started with your journey.

Dimple and Mithisha have been working sincerely on their mission for @mad_dieat daily since 2018 and they have a long way to go but they’ve already started transforming the fitness journey of many people around the globe and you can read the testimonials of people here –

It’s impressive seeing millennials around the globe working on their passion to create a better world one step at a time. 

We at The Millennial Daily wish to cover the journey of millions millennials around the world, who are thriving in their own way – making this planet a beautiful place to be.

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