Is Safarnama 2020 The Most Trending Thing Now?

After watching Lucky Ali’s impromptu gig at Arambol in North Goa for the sixth time, my lost soul is filled up with huge nostalgia.

He performed the song #OSanam from his first album ‘Sunoh’, which was released in 1996. The song is still one of the top tracks of India’s 90s indie music scene.

While he hasn’t released any albums recently, he continues to take people on a nostalgic trip, now and then. The whole scene gave me hope for a better world.

People from all walks of life surrounded him with enthusiasm – singing, crying & some probably travelling to a different headspace like me while enjoying every bit of his performance.

This headspace of mine is full of people travelling around the world freely, without the fear of any virus..

A world where people are trying out a new gelato flavour for the first time, some are heading out for a new hiking trip amidst the world’s most thrilling landscapes, while some are falling in love with themselves, others, nature and food all over again.  

Of course, this illustration is from the pre-covid era. That phase of life was such a better time for everyone around the world.

In the hope of that better world to become our reality all over again, we wait behind our masks.

However, it feels like a distant dream now after months of house arrest & no hope for a sure-shot global vaccine to cool down the virus spread.

‘Safarnama’ is an Urdu word for Travelogue. While it means an account of one’s travel but given how 2020 has been for everyone around the world, is it even possible to maintain a log of our Safarnama this year?

A snippet of my safarnama…

Lucky Ali’s music has been my escape lately with a hot cuppa (masala flavoured tea or spiced milk tea as my friends from abroad call it) while working from home.

In between chaotic calls & long working hours, I try to gather calm in those few minutes where the soothing music and masala tea enters my system leaving no room for any sort of distress.

While many of us are chasing money, jobs, relationships & casual flings constantly, I’m on a long journey of finding my very own authentic self, with whom I lost touch with over the last few years as hustle and life took control.

Lucky Ali’s song ‘Safarnama’ from the movie Tamasha, released in 2015 still nourishes different parts of my soul every time I listen to it.

I heard it for the first time in December 2020 and guess what?

I ended up listening to it for an endless number of times during the last week while taking a hot shower, making a hearty breakfast or just sitting in my balcony with my plant babies, reminiscing about life & travel.

I’m pretty sure that while most of us haven’t travelled to any place this year but still we’re living the journey of our life.

We’re still trying to grow in different aspects of our life, each day at a time from our very own cosy homes – the same place that has been our solace during this unprecedented pandemic year

I’m sure this journey has been extremely challenging especially for people who’ve lost their loved ones, jobs or relationships this year. For them, the road of grief and pain is going to be a long journey.

However, I am a firm believer of the saying – “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”  

And given the fact that it’s been an abnormal year, the footprints of 2020 shall be a part of our DNA forever now.

Therefore, it becomes way more important now to understand our journey this year. And as Kobayashi Issa, the very famous Japanese poet quoted –

“New Year’s gift of tea –

Where did you go,

On your journey back to me?”

This poem reminds me of how year by year, we travel the world & live our lives to the best of our ability yet the most pertinent question at the end of the day remains of how our peaceful inner journey has been.

Year end journaling Ideas for the millennial soul

And if you’re someone like me, who has experienced mild brain fog amidst the pandemic then here’s a series of questions you can start writing answers to in a personal journal to understand your ‘Safarnama in 2020’ 

Writer or not, I am sure you’re going to enjoy answering these questions all by yourself, for yourself.

Before you head out to your new journey of 2021, it’s important to look back & acknowledge the journey of 2020.

Wishing you all a prosperous Safarnama in 2021 😊

With Love,

The Millennial Daily <3


  1. Aishu,

    Lucky Ali is one of my fav singer and his nomadic living style has always amused me …

    I really like your writing style, it is very refreshing and also very honest(from your heart). Keep it up!

    Also never let the madness of the world blurr your thought process.

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