Simple Moments: A piece of poetry by Twesha Ghosh

So beautifully extends the washed blue sky before me,

I wish I could be here till Eternity…!

The streets of Bangalore from my balcony,

Sounds of the wind, cows and vehicles – all in their sweet cacophony!

Everything is asynchronous— yet in perfect harmony,

The almost set sun, the dimly lit sky, towering equally above the shrubs, palm and mahogany.

 And ah! The sweet smell dear Rain leaves by!

 Even in times of distress, you cannot help, but just smile – standing by!

Its monsoon—the ‘pandemic’ not yet gone away,

Flowers from the nearby Gulmohar tree, now beginning to fall away…

Yet a sweet white flower in my balcony learns to sway!

The peace & tranquility of this very moment! – Oh! What can I say!

Nature is at its best, while humankind is at bay.

Locked down in our homes—Times are stray…

Yet we do our own thing, as we Hope and Pray,

And be grateful for these simple moments

…That Nature brings our way!

                     By Twesha Ghosh

Twesha Ghosh is a Chartered Accountant by profession and an artist by passion who loves to enjoy Simple Moments!

Here’s a picture of Twesha Playing Guitar to entertain herself and family. It’s a simple moment from her daily life during the pandemic we’re all facing globally.

She’s based out of Bangalore and have also been brought up there.

She has an intense love and attachment for the city which truly runs deep and that is what she has tried capturing in the poem.

Apart from being an accountant, she’s also a singer and some of her songs have recently been featured on Fever 104 FM, Bangalore.

She has also sung in a couple of ad films as well and would like to sing for more upcoming films and ventures.

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day at The Millenial Daily. and here’s Twesha’s message for the women across the globe –

“The Love, the Beauty, the Strength, the Power

Yet not just limited to the above,

She who is as strong as a shield, can also be as fragile as a flower,

Oh! What is it that we cannot achieve! 

Whatever we set our eyes on, we conquer!

More Power to you girl on your journey!!

May you march forward to your dreams with grace and valour!

Happy Women’s Day!”

Here is the link to her Youtube channel:

Poetry has always been something very close to her heart and what better way to express oneself than through words!

She has been writing poems since the age of 10 and she’s really interested to publish them soon!

You can find snippets of her poetry are also on my Instagram handle @twesha_ghosh


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