The Reasons Why We Love Pancakes From Around The World!

For majority of the millennials, pancakes brings up the image of the classic fluffy American style flapjacks served with butter or maple syrup or maybe Nutella.

However, there are a variety of pancakes around the world.

Taking different characters around the world from thick Mexican hotcakes to crispy Indian dosa, every country has a variation of its own reflecting their cultural heritage.

Flatbreads and pancakes are one of the oldest prepared foods in the world, having existed for over a millennium.

Super easy to make, with basic local ingredients these staple foods are highly adaptable plus really satiating for breakfast.

Pancakes around the world are found in numerous varieties, ranging from stuffed, sweet or savoury.

There seems to be a perfect pancake for every taste and palate.

Delicious Types of Pancakes from Around the World

1. Scotland – Drop Scones

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Drop Scones also referred as the “Scotch pancakes”, that President Dwight Eisenhower was served on his visit to Balmoral castle in 1959 by Queen Elizabeth.

According to the National Archives, the Queen prepared drop scones for the President, using a traditional family recipe. Later she sent the President a letter and enclosed the recipe, with annotations.

Scotch pancakes are small and thick, made by dropping the flour-based batter into a griddle.

Almost similar to the classic American pancakes, they are comparatively smaller and mostly served with cream and jam or just butter.

2. The Netherlands – Poffertjes

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Poffertjes are traditional Dutch batter delicacy. These are small and fluffy pancakes made from buckwheat flour and yeast. These are cooked in a “special pan” referred as poffertjespan and mostly served with powdered sugar and butter, and sometimes with syrup or advocaat.

3. Mexico – Hotcakes


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Hotcakes are supremely popular street food in Mexico.

They’re made with a cinnamon flavoured cornmeal batter and mostly made with condensed milk, fruit jam or a caramelised goat milk spread called the cajeta.

It is easy to make and even easier to love. They are usually topped with hazelnut for special crunch

4. Japan – Okonomiyaki

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Okonomiyaki is traditional Japanese savoury pancake containing diverse ingredients in a wheat flour-based batter.

The name of this pancake is derived from the word “Okonomi” meaning – “how you like it” and “yaki” meaning – “cooked”.

A batter of wheat flour, eggs, Chinese yam and cabbage is usually topped with diverse ingredients ranging from pork belly to vegetables to squid to octopus.

It is then cooked with plum sauce and Japanese mayonnaise.

5. India – Dosa

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A staple of most South Indian’s households, Dosas are crispy rice pancakes made from a fermented batter consisting of lentils and rice.

They actually look a lot like French crêpes but they are really different.  Dosas are served with sambhar (a lentil-based vegetable stew made using traditional Indian spices) or chutney.

They are my personal favorite and a cup of traditional filter coffee post dosa meal is a sure-shot method to give you food coma.

6.     France – Crêpe

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Crêpe is a super thin French pancake made with either wheat or buckwheat flour and folded with different fillings type such as chocolate and fruit, or cheeses and sautéed vegetables.

Crêpes can be both sweet and savoury. Often, they are called the European cousin of the classic American pancakes.

7.     Australia – Pikelets

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Picklets is staple meal for people in Australia. They are usually tender and fluffy inside and golden on the outside – but not too sweet on their own.

They are mini pancakes usually served with sweet toppings like jam or whipped cream or maybe a hearty dollop of lemon curd.

8. Finland – Pannukakku

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Pannukakku is the most authentic style of Finland’s pancakes. It is the most loving oven pancake in any Finnish home.

Although it is an oven-based pancake, it is more of a combination of French toast, custard, crêpes and a pancake. It is mostly served with fruits, powdered sugar, cream or jam.

9. Russia – Blini & Blintz

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Blini are thin, crepe-like pancakes from Russia. They are made from buckwheat flour, and traditionally served with butter, sour cream fruit, caviar or smoked salmon.

They are often confused with Blintzes, which are made of wheat flour without yeast. Blintzesare folded over a filling and then sautéed or baked.

10. Ukraine – Oladky

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Oladky are traditional Ukrainian pancakes, which are quite small thick in size. They can be made using wheat or buckwheat flour and may also contain raisins and apples.

They are served with sour cream and various sweet toppings like jam, varenye (fruit preserve) or honey.

Of course, there exists a huge variety around the world when it comes to pancakes ranging from Scallion Pancakes from China, Boûkéte from Belgium and Tapiocas from Brazil amongst hundred others, but these were my top picks for this list.

I hope these pancakes tempt you enough to cook a new pancake type for yourself or your family on a cosy weekend morning. Let the goodness of 2021 soak in & hope you find your favourite pancake type this year!

P.s. – Do add the task of finding the perfect pancake type to your 2021 Bucket list!


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