Book Review: As a man thinketh


“Men do not attract what they want, but that which they are.”

James Allen ( Book Review – As a man thinketh)

Presenting another book review of the classic self-help book was published back in 1902 and still makes numerous changes to date in the lives of many.

There is so much more on the path to prosperity, as we explore new things every day – the same way we wish to attract those things.

Yet, it all seems to be an unhappy path because our wishes are not colliding with our reality. 

The truth of revealing the journey of attracting everything we wish for in our lives is within ourselves- the main element we ignore is “ourselves” in it.

   “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”

James Allen ( Book Review – As a man thinketh)

Reviewing this book has been so much fun, learning new concepts of life and learning about the self in the process!

Unlike lengthy self-help books, this one is compiled of just 144 pages – which can easily be finished in a few hours.

Focus key points of the book’s purpose –

This book is a brilliant combination of all the right directions one should choose in their lives to reach the desired destination. 

Three Key Points That Sum Up the book review –

  • Humans get what they build their thoughts about instead of what they really want,
  • Command and control your thought for you to achieve your goal, don’t end up satisfying the evil. 
  • Close your eyes you find the real you, not the fabricated one. Self-talks get you self-love.

Book Blurb

Let’s face this, we all hate some of the phases of our life, thinking why the hell are we going through this? 

But the truth which I would say is a beautiful one; is we are the reason for the phase we are going through. Yes, hard to believe but the journey gets easier as soon as we accept this hard-core fact.

The book emphasizes on the fundamental truth – “The way we process our thoughts are directly linked to our life; they shape our reality.

James Allen

You attract whatever you are constantly thinking about – either negative or positive, because the human brain is not intelligent enough to tell us about the direction of our thoughts. For the brain, it’s merely a thought.

On the journey of life, your thoughts are the fuel that enables us to move forward or backward, depending on the characteristic of the thought.

They can either help us reach our desired destination successfully or can either make us detour the entire path.

Two people under similar circumstances can produce totally different results because of how they think and process the situation, which builds their external reality.

“Thought is the fount of action, life, and manifestation; make the fountain pure, and all will be pure.”

“When your real desire is to do good then one doesn’t need to wait for the money to start it.” 

James Allen

Not having money shouldn’t be the main element of doing good, cause no matter how poor one is there is always room for self-sacrifice. The heart waiting to do good won’t wait for money instead will altar of sacrifice. In the end, relate to the cause, and so will the prosperity and power relate to the inward good; “cause when you rectify your heart then you rectify your life.”

Life is a cycle of faith when you put your faith in anything or in a person let that slowly work in your favor. 

Not everything you want will work right away but there is a journey to it and surprisingly that journey is also filled with faith.

Where there is fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, or disappointment, there is ignorance and lack of faith. These thoughts are the estate of evil and the outcome of selfishness, this is the negative state of soul-destroying the mind. 

This book will enable you to be the real you. 

In a world where it is a bit hard to relate with others, here in this book you will end up relating to every pain or thought one is involved in life. 

The pain, the struggle of changing the life or the vision we all dream of, but finding it hard to achieve. One day of reading this book can change many perspectives that one is conditioned about life. 

Hard to get a hold of that mental evil that is never satisfied, but daily practice and understanding can help us start the steps towards the end of the evil mindset.

“Men do not attract what they want, but that which they are.

James Allen

That intelligent practice of self-control leads to a strong knowledge of one’s interior thought forces, to the acquisition of that power by which they are rightly employed and directed. 

Mental discipline is the key to a successful life. That way the correct judgment passes through our minds and applying that with faith is the object of accomplishment.

  • Self – control
  • self – government
  • Self-purification

These three elements are also well explained and planted with examples to practice in our lives. 

Let’s attract what we really want in our lives instead of what we are fearing off deep inside our hearts. Planting our lives with the right dose of supplements is very important to walk in the right direction of self-love, self-awareness, and positivity.
The Bottom Line

After reading this book all we can say is that it’s A MUST READ BOOK IN THE SELF- HELP GENRE.

All you need to do is read on and soak in all the wisdom!

And do let us know if you feel the same about the book! Also, feel free to share this book review with your reader buddies <3

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