Here’s Why You Need To Try Audiobooks In 2021

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once – George R. R. Martin

Ever since covid-19 knocked our doors, we’ve been trying to manage life and it’s stress from our respective homes everyday.

Reading is a great escape and a tool to learn and grow everyday without stepping outside.

So in December 2020 I took a challenge to read 25 books by the end of 2021.

But as I went about doing everyday chores, office work, exercise and managing personal life, reading for even 20 minutes became a heavy task on a long to-do list.

So a friend suggested trying audiobooks and subscribing to Audible.

After being skeptical initially, I anyway went on to try it once.

I heard the first audio book ‘101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think’ by Brianna West and my perception changed completely and for good.

I am obsessed with audio books now.

I now look forward to using my monthly credit to listen to a new book every month.

Here’s why I would recommend you to try audiobooks in 2021 :

1. Accomplish your annual reading goals!

While you may fear that listening to an audiobook cannot substitute reading but that’s not completely true.

Listening to audio book is equally satisfying and helps complete your annual reading goals.

You can tune into any of your favorite audiobook at anytime, especially while doing routine household chores.

I prefer listening to audiobooks before bedtime, as they help me sleep better and faster.

2. Utilize the gift of imagination

The pandemic has restricted our movements and we’re struck inside our homes until I don’t know when.

Listening to an audiobook helps you use the gift of imagination and travel the world, right from the corner of your home.

It shall keep your mental space sane and full of life!

3. Budget Friendly!

As a millennial in the digital era, I want to invest in budget friendly and quality products.

And audio books are super reasonable.

Suppose, you’ve been wanting to read a book for long but it’s physical copy is out of your budget.

You can either wait to buy the physical copy or purchase the audiobook at less than half price.

Audible’s monthly subscription in India is available for only $3.

Imagine listening to a $15 book in just $3!

Now, that you’ve saved some bucks – Invest in Mutual Funds.

4. Balance that cortisol!

The pandemic stress is so REAL and at an all time HIGH right now!

It’s time to balance your cortisol and other hormones level.

Listening to an audiobook shall helps you rejuvenate and de-stress after a long day.

So if you wish to try an audiobook, today is the perfect time!

We sincerely hope that audiobooks help you ace your annual reading goals in 2021.

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