Why my current skincare routine is so famous?

As I start writing this article, I want to clarify before hand that I am no dermatologist nor any skincare blogger.

I’m an Indian girl with combination acne prone skin type with recently developed interest in skincare.

Developing discipline for skincare routine took time in my case.

I honestly took baby steps!

And waited for the compound effect to do it’s magic.

So let’s dive into the detailed skincare routine shall we?

Morning Skincare regime :

Cleanser : Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash – been using it for the last 2 months and still left with some product!

Toner : Home Made rice toner and have incorporated Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner in the last two weeks! ( and my skin’s been loving it)

Serum : I have added Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop Serum from past two weeks and loving it already.

Facial Oil : Nature’s Tattva 100% Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond oil.

Just 2-3 drops of the facial oil and pat it into the skin.

I use almond oil specifically because I have dark upper eye and puffy eyes like a panda.

This almond oil has really helped me in getting better at my eye game.

and it’s really reasonable!

Moisturiser : Minimalist’s Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturiser

Sunscreen : Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block

Lip Balm : Burt’s Bee Grapefruit Lip Balm

I have recently replaced my moisturiser and sunscreen with Goodal’s Green Tangerine Vitamin C Tone up Cream Having SPF 50+ PA++++ because it’s a multipurpose product and also it was suggested by a beautiful skincare enthusiastic friend

Night Time Skincare Routine

Cleanser : The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Face Wash (Restocked it two days back) . It’s my holy grail cleanser.

Toner : Pixi Glow Tonic thrice a week. And for the rest of the days – either homemade rice toner or Klairs Toner, depending on the mood.

Serum : Minimalist’s 10% Niacinamide Face Serum thrice a week. And for rest of the days – Klairs Vitamin C serum.

Facial Oil : Same as the one used in morning skincare routine.

Moisturiser : Same as the one used in morning skincare routine.

Sleeping Mask : Plum’s Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel. (Personally I wouldn’t be repurchasing this product simply because I didn’t see any substantial change even after using 2 tubs of this one.

Lip Balm : Same as used in morning routine.

New Products I have added in my skincare routine :

1. Goodal’s Green Tangerine Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum to fight acne scars.

2. Goodal’s Green Tangerine Vitamin C Tone up Cream Having SPF 50+ PA++++

These two Korean Skincare Products have been really raved about and have been suggested to me by the same skincare enthusiastic friend.

Beyond Skincare

I want to be really honest with my readers and hence I have no shame in accepting that acne and acne scars have really troubled me in the last two years.

It took a lot of time to accept where I was because it helped me reach here.

Now, I am grateful for all good and bad skincare days.

They have taught me a lot about skincare and myself.

Skincare journey is beyond just using skin suiting products.

Other Habits That Empower My Skincare Game :

1. Using a good quality Gua Sha 3-4 times a week.

2. Drinking adequate water as per my body’s everyday need.

(Recognize your body’s need because my body is different than yours)

3. Being mindful about consumption of food products that end up irritating my skin.

(Consumption of excessive coffee and processed foods make my skin puke pimples)

4. Being grateful for all good and bad skin days.

5. Laughing and smiling amidst chaos.

6. 10 Minutes breathing exercises everyday.

As I end this article, all I want is to say is that skincare routine is beyond products. It an inner journey.

Please make sure you enjoy the current skin phase you’re in.

It takes time and knowledge to heal.

I wish this blog post reaches anyone struggling with their skincare journey right now.

Don’t fall for the superficial standards of beauty set by our society.

Embrace your own kinda beauty!

Because when we do that, we help others too feel beautiful – just like how I am trying by sharing my skincare routine and journey with you all!

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