The Story Of These 10 Weird Coffee Drinks Has Just Gone Viral!

Are weird coffee drinks your cup of tea? 

These bizarre coffee drinks will take you by surprise. We wonder who thinks these things up?

And maybe someday, you’ll have all the ingredients to make one of these coffee drinks and you’ll probably go for it.

Or maybe you’ll invent a brand new flavour that’ll make history. (Make sure you share the new drink with us!)

For now, just sit back and the explore these innovative coffee drinks innovated till now.

1. Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee is basically the blend of powered mushrooms and ground coffee.

It originated from Finland in the 1940’s during World War II. 

“Because coffee was rationed, the Finnish people were forced to find alternative ingredients.”

Mushroom coffee is prepared and enjoyed just like regular coffee.

You can simply brew it in a drip coffee machine, Chemex, French Press, or even as cold brew.

2. Strawberry Latté

Inspired by the famous Korean Strawberry milk, people are now experimenting to brew strawberry latté.

Strawberry latté makes your regular latté cuppa creamier and fresh. 

The same can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.

3. Going Goth

Going Goth is a latte made using activated charcoal. 

It looks visually stunning and it’s amazing to witness the process of how it’s brewed and made.

But the fact that activated charcoal poses serious side effects, makes us wonder about the danger of consuming this concoction. 

4. Take the Metro

Take a glass of fresh sparking water, add a shot of expresso and a few drops of vanilla and you’re all ready to ride the metro!

This beverage is a trip into coffee nirvana that you may end up enjoying.

5. One night in Bangkok

The Butterfly Pea latte is a marvellous beauty, one of a kind. 

It uses butterfly pea liquid with milk – and it is as tasty as it is pretty.

There isn’t any coffee in this drink which is disappointing.

A layer of rich brown coffee shot the bottom of the glass would’ve been just perfect!

6. Clear Coffee

The first colourless coffee in the world is no less than witnessing a beverage magic show.

Made with arabica beans, it has an unique taste and aroma.

The purpose of this drink is not definitely but hey, it’s caffeinated! 

7. KonaRed

KonaRed also known as RedRum doesn’t really contain rum in it.

It’s simply a convenient cold brew in a bottle that you can buy at Costco.

Flavours ranging from original, Hawaiian Vanilla, Expresso and Kauai caramel.

This concoction isn’t too crazy or wild but cold coffee in a ‘to-go-bottle’ is the new normal and still kind of surprising. 

8. Butter Coffee

Also known as the Bulletproof coffee is a basic butter coffee!

It is said to slow the spike in energy levels associated with normal drinking coffee.

All you got to do is add a tablespoon of butter to black coffee.

Fans of the drink claim it’s a brain food, improving mental acuity and focus.

It supposedly curbs appetites, assists in weight loss, and can even improve skin tone and complexion.

9. Kaffeost

Little chunks of cheese in a coffee is actually a thing!

Kaffeost is a Swedish tradition of dipping cheese into coffee or putting chunks of coffee in a cup and pouring coffee over it.

The Swiss use a specific cheese known as Leipäjuusto.

Made from the first milk of reindeer, cows or goats – it can be found in northern Sweden and Finland.

10. Cardamom Date coffee

All you need is cold brew, sparkling water and a cardamom-date syrup and stir it all together!

The hearty taste yet delicate taste of this drink will satiate your thirst to the core!

The Last Sip!

We hope you throughly enjoyed this list of weird yet innovative caffeine based concoctions.

We also hope you try at least one of them & post it on social media.

If you had some fun here today – if we inspired you, made you laugh or made you think then please do share it with your weird coffee-loving friends or tell us what about your craziest coffee drink in the comments.


  1. Definitely going to do research and try all the coffee you have mentioned except Charcoal coffee. Thanks for this list. Learned something new in my life.

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