Top 10 Korean Dramas You Need To Watch Right Now!

Annyeonghaseyo to all the Korean Drama fanatics!

And a warm welcome to the future Korean Drama fanatics.

Korean Dramas are ranking high in the list of top global entertainment sources.

The harsh truth is that South Korean Dramas and films have been around us for over half a century now.

However, the rise of global recognition for them has only been witnessed in the last two decades.

The South Korean movie Parasite, had 6 Academy Award nominations and won Oscar in 2020.

Source – Youtube

The absolutely love the fact that Korean Dramas have meaningful stories, emotions and depth!

If you’re a beginner and confused about where to begin your K-Drama journey from, then we’re here to assist you.

We’ve articulated a list of Top 10 Korean Dramas one should surely watch in their lifetime!

Here we go, amigos! 

1.  Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019) – Korean Dramas to Watch

Similar to the U.S. TV series Younger, this Korean Drama is based on the life of guy who is a successful author and a senior editor at a book publishing company and ends up falling in love with a friend whom he had known for a long period of time.

This friend, also the female lead in the shows is going through problems in her personal life and applies for a job to be a temporary task support worker at his publishing company. 

She is initially worried about her performance at work but other senior executives are surprised with her creativity and hard work.

The rest of the series is about the personal and professional challenges they face as they slowly start to realize their true feelings for each other and navigate this next stage of their lives.

2. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) – Korean Dramas to Watch

This Korean Drama has been listed as one of “The best International shows of 2020’’ by  The New York Times.

This Korean Drama feels like a fairy tale story being narrated with a storyline having an empathetic health care worker with a tragic past and a children’s book author having a personality disorder.

The two characters have known each other from childhood and they meet again as adults with a kick of slow romance between the two.

The slow romantic love story helps both sides to solve and heal their problems and move in a positive direction in life.  

3.  Start -up – Korean Dramas to Watch

This Korean Drama makes you aware of behind-the-scenes of starting up a new business.

Starring Bae Suzy, Kim Seon-ho and Nam Joo-hyuk, this show is for all entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

Accelerators, venture capitalists, and all sorts of founders, this drama will help you learn all major elements in establishing a Start-Up. 

4. Crash Landing on You – Korean Dramas to Watch

This Korean Drama features actors from the Oscar award winning movie Parasite

This series speaks the tales of south Korean heiress to a large conglomerate.

The conglomerate accidentally lands in North Korea while paragliding where she ends up meeting a North Korean army officer.

The army officer is surprisingly a soft-hearted person who tries to protects her from many worse circumstances.

Also, we witness how their love story begins despite many political problems between both the countries. 

5. Sweet Home (2020) – Korean Dramas to Watch

This Korean Drama is listed on number 3 of Netflix’s Horror genre top 10 recommendations.

This Drama released in December 2020 and ever since it has been listed in Netflix’s Top recommendations.

After an unexpected family tragedy, Cha Hyun-soo decided to leave his home and move into an apartment where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Hyun-soo and other residents are trying to survive.

6. Vagabond (2019) – Korean Dramas to Watch

If we tell you the storyline of this show, we are assured that you will start binge-watching this show right away!

The lead actor Lee Seung-gi is characterised as a stuntman who finds himself engulfed in a dangerous circle of corruption and terror.

A scoop of romance along with a scoop of thriller, this show has many interesting things for everyone to watch. 

7. Memories Of The Alhambra (2018) – Korean Dramas to Watch

Sci-fi lovers, this one’s for you!

The Korean Drama revolves around the life of an augmented reality video game developer Jung Se-Joo, who creates an addictive alternate reality where gamers can put on a special high-tech lens to find weapons and battle in the real world.

The drama ensues when Jung discovers a deadly bug in the game and tries to fix it.

And, yes. There’s romance involved.

8. Doctor Stranger – Korean Dramas to Watch

If you love action, romance, and medical stories then you will be obsessed with this Korean drama.

One of the amazing parts of this drama is that one cannot easily predict the storyline.

Full of turns and twists, this show will excite you on a different level altogether.

A young lady, Park Hoon along with his father who is world-famous surgeon Park Cheol from South Korea, gets kidnapped by North Korean operatives.

Turns out, he has to operate on the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, dictator.

The story is full of romance, action, adventure, suspense, and what not! 

9. Descendants of the Sun – Korean Dramas to Watch

This is one of the super-hit shows when it was first aired on TV and this show has won many awards too.

Coming to the storyline, there is a girl who is leading the medical team that saves the live of special forces unit that carries out secret missions.

On the other hand, there is a captain of the special forces unit who deals with life and death situations. 

In the midst of all this they seek love and risk heartbreak.

10. Run On – Korean Dramas to Watch

This Korean Drama features the story of Ki Seon-Gyeom, a popular sprinter turned sports agent who meets Oh Mi-Joo who is writes subtitle translations for movies.

While Mi-Joo believes that they were destined for each other so the story rotates around their romance alongside some strong secondary characters syndrome.

Shin se-kyung plays the role of Mi-Joo on the other hand Im Si-Wan plays Seon-Gyeom.

You can start with any of the above-mentioned Korean Dramas to begin your journey!

There are so many Korean Dramas we can discuss about and fall in love with the storyline or the lead characters until you have a second character’s syndrome.

Now stop doubting which show to watch and press the start button to any of these!

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