BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, a K-pop boy band that is ruling the global music industry with their powerful, immersive discography.

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why they are ruling the world.

To begin with they have the most powerful fandom commonly known as ARMY supporting them 24*7.

Originally a hip hop group, their musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres.

Their lyrics, often focused on personal and social commentary, touch on the themes of mental health, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey towards loving oneself, and individualism.

Their work features references to literature and psychological concepts and includes an alternative universe storyline.

We have compiled a list of TOP 20 BTS SONGS that will blow your mind-body-soul and fill your inspiration tank with all the fuel you need –

1. Dynamite

This monumental track became DYNAMITE, breaking hundreds of records, blew up the global music industry.

This is BTS’s Top song to have reached 100m views on youtube in an hour.

Totally deserving of being ranked first in the TOP 20 BTS SONGS list!

The song was born from a sincere wish to send out a healing message amidst the dark struggles of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A heartwarming tribute to the late pop dancer Michael Jackson.

The group’s first ever English song made up to the Grammy nominations an upbeat song full of funk and soul.

2. Spring Day

There is a reason as to why this song from TOP 20 BTS SONGS list is still on the charts, despite of being released in 2017.

A layer of emotions and feelings that this melancholic song unfolds, depicting how the small moments in our lives that were tangible to the moment we lived through them but remain always with us in intangible forms deep inside our hearts.

The slow and lingering instrumentals with soft piano notes add a nostalgic touch to it.

3. Blood Sweat and Tears

This Top hit of BTS from the very famous 2016 Wings Album has won Billboard Music Award. (Truly Deserving)

The video involves BTS sending across a message to the youth about falling into temptation losing their innocence.

The inner struggles of oneself between good or evil is well portrayed.

The music video is rife with Biblical art references such as ‘The Last Supper’ and the ‘Forbidden Fruit.’

When it comes to the dance no one can deny how lavishing it is.

4. Black Swan

From the moment it begins, you know “Black Swan” is different from anything BTS has ever done before.

The top BTS song is the title track of the most sold album Map of the Soul :7

Lyrically, “Black Swan” is a nerve wrecking portrayal of how the passage of time affects an artist, the fear of not being able to create music that resonates with the world and losing the ability to express oneself.

How an artist dies twice once the actual death and the other when the artist loses his passion is brilliantly put across!

5. Tomorrow by BTS

This Top BTS song came to the fans as a warm, comforting hug giving assurance to the youngsters out there to build up their dreams amidst the struggles faced by them.

Another hit from the list of TOP 20 BTS SONGS.

The track is divided into 3 sections impersonating the three phases of struggle beginning with the main rapper Suga showing how struggle breaks oneself followed by the leader RM saying the struggle we are facing is for tomorrow which someday will become yesterday so what’s the use?

Ending with the rapper J-hope telling we will walk no matter what because we are too young to stop.

6. Butterfly by BTS

This beautiful ballad symbolizes the pain of losing someone dear to you.

This lyric is enough to tell how artistic this piece is “You’re just like a Butterfly/ From afar, I steal glances; if we touch hands, will I lose you? you shine in this pitch darkness” their delicate dance moves are so relishing to watch.

We couldn’t stop adding this one to our TOP 20 BTS SONGS list!

7. Mic Drop by BTS

It said rightly said that BTS not only care about their fans but haters as well.

This has been well depicted in this hit from the TOP 20 BTS SONGS list.

Giving the listeners the best collaboration with Designer and Steve Aoki a full neo pop song with bass-boosted beats and killing dance moves bragging about their success by saying “Did you see my bag it’s hella trophies and it’s hella big”, actually bought more trophies in the band’s bag!

8. The Truth Untold by BTS

Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s novel The Emerald City of Oz, this melancholic ballad produced by Steve Aoki with the vocal line of BTS, an artistic work outside EDM showing the struggles of love, sincere feeling, that went unheard.

Soulfully sung by JIN, Jimin, V and Jungkook perfectly expressing the story an absolute pleasure to listen to.

9. Trivia : Seesaw by BTS

A self-written seventies funk pop from the album Love Yourself- Answer highlights the excitement of the commencement of a relationship, the struggles, the ups and downs all is being compared to a game of seesaw, how it is difficult to keep balance and when things don’t work out one has to step down.

This is a track to prove that besides being a rapper Suga’s vocals you can’t deny.

10. Intro-Singularity by BTS

This remains one of the most powerful lyric “Did I lose myself or Did I gain you?” by this the lead singer Kim Taehyung aka V questions his identity.

This Urban pop, neo soul, R&B track beautifully written by the leader Kim Namjoon aka RM.

The music video and the choreography gives you a theatrical vibe which is a must to watch.

11. Anpanman by BTS

Based on a Japanese cartoon Anpanman who had a face of bread helped the hungry by giving them a part of his head the lyric I m a new generation Anpanman , I m a new superhero Anpanman says that in the new generation superheroes will have a new identity.

12. Louder than Bombs by BTS

A very powerful yet heart-touching BTS Song about the bittersweet experience of success sweet to those who haven’t tasted it yet bitter to those who had enough of it.

A song to encourage the youth not to follow the world but to follow your heart the lyric “if not us then who’ll do it” sums it up.

13. Fake Love by BTS

A Top BTS hit that made history a song full of emotions whether the lyrics the beats the choreography the music-video is just one word is enough to describe it MAGNIFICENT, every lyric is a poem itself!

14.  Filter by BTS

This is one of the flirty side that BTS presents to you sung by the lead vocalist Park Jimin asking his lover to explore his all sides pick any of his filter and he wont disappoint them.

This gem of the album Map of the soul 7 broke many records on itunes and jimin’s performance in the BTS’s E-Concert is one of the unforgettable moment of 2020 !

15. Outro wings by BTS

This Top BTS track showcases a tale of how you must start with one feather and with sheer hard-work results in the wings that take you to unimaginable success.

This Top BTS Song is a proof of how BTS never fails to encourage their Armys.

16. 134340 by BTS

A number ? why so?                                                                                            

When Pluto became a dwarf planet, it was given the new name ‘134340’ to represent its new status.

This iconic song by BTS uses the story of Pluto losing its title as a planet as a metaphor for a relationship that has lost its spark and is now over.

“Without a name, I’m still lingering around you,” “My cold heart was -248 degrees” and “you erased me, you forgot me.” is appropriate as it showcases the situation of both the falling relationship as well as Pluto which revolves around the sun which is very dear to Pluto but still Pluto has no identity.

17. So What by BTS

This EDM track by BTS asks you to shed off all your worries and follow your heart. The lyric “Somebody call me right one/ Somebody call me wrong, I’m not gonna care about it, Why don’t you do so as well?” is soothing to the soul.

If this is what a bit of lyrics can do, just imagine the vibe of the entire song!

18. Blue and Grey by BTS

My personal favourite from their latest album BE – This song from the TOP 20 BTS SONGS is a very calm song giving solace to the restless heart peace to the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety that this pandemic gifted us.

It reminds us how we take simple happy moments for granted.

‘I just wanna be happier, am I too greedy for that?’’

19. Life Goes On by BTS

Yet another song from the album BE talking about how in these hard times still life goes on, one should have faith then whatever the situation is, close your eyes and live the moment, life goes on like an echo in the forest and the old days will be back!

20. Magic Shop by BTS

More than a song to many people, another life saviour. Why to search for answers to questions when they can be found within yourselves, yes in the magic shop inside your heart, just open the door and all the worries would be out!

So, these were the TOP 20 BTS SONGS. The K-pop band of 7 people has the sole dream to giving comfort to the world.

BTS’s discography is a prove that these 7 men have no concept of PARTICULAR GENRE in their musical world! 

Can’t we spare a moment and genuinely appreciate BTS? 

If a book has no right to be judged by its cover, then MUSIC HAS NO RIGHT TO BE JUDGED BY ITS ARTISTS!



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This article has been written and contributed by Vrinda Saxena. You can find her on Twitter on the handle mentioned below.


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