Women In Power : The New Course in Leadership

Being a woman in power is pretty taxing in the digital age.

It is still hard for women leaders to be fully seen and recognized for their contribution.

Do you know the feeling of being left behind as a woman leader?

If so, then this Course on Women in Power is where you need to invest right now!

Women In Power is a program for women who are ready to own their career ambition and step into their leadership power.

Behind the Course on Women in Power :

This course has been designed by Dr. Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer and Lela Djakovic after years of relevant experience!

Shall we meet them? (Excited Much?!)

Dr. Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer – Our First Woman in Power

Michaela is the founder of the consulting firm Partners4 that is based in Vienna in Austria.

Michaela’s business background is in Public Relations and Marketing.

Michaela’s Academic Background:

Dr Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer – Our First Woman in Power

Besides her degrees, she has also published a book “Den eigenen Weg gehen” in 2006.

Lela Djakovic – Our Second Woman in Power

Lela Djakovic is the founder and CEO at EQED, an advisory firm based in Silicon Valley.

The firm works with leaders and organizations to create high performing teams with enhanced emotional intelligence.

Originally from Germany, Lela has lived and worked in many different cultures throughout her career.

Her specialties include –

  • Coaching executives to increase leadership effectiveness and team performance.
  •  Working with leaders to build resilience in themselves and their teams, and
  • Helping executive teams optimize team dynamics and engage effectively in high stakes conversations. 

Lela’s Academic Background:

  • Further, Lela has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics from the University of Durham in England.
Lela Djakovic – Our Second Woman in Power

She also designs and delivers leadership programs at the Stanford Red Barn, which can be particularly powerful for women leaders. 

Lela has a strong business background in finance and entrepreneurship.

She has co-founded three other ventures – a hedge fund fund of funds, a private banking software company, and a natural cosmetics startup.

Previously, she has also worked in leveraged finance and traded credit and commodity derivatives at Goldman Sachs in London. 

The Cause behind the Course on Women in Power

Having worked with women executives leaders in academia for years we hear the same story, the same experience.

The experience of feeling disempowered, of being stuck in her career and of failing to influence where it’s important to them.

These stories of these women leaders inspired us to create this course along the way.

And because this is all about the power to influence what matters to us, we call it “Women in Power”

Vision for the Women in Power Course

“Seeing women around the globe who confidently and skilfully step into their full leadership power and own their career ambition.”

A message to the women across the globe on International Women’s Day

We would like to quote Kamala Harris, first women to become US vice-president here because she speaks our message:  

Source – google

So if you’re whose is going through something similar or you know any woman having a stagnant career due to typical gender dynamics at her workplace, then feel free to share about this course on Women in Power.

Also if you have some interesting stories, feel free to write us & we’ll feature you on The Millennial Daily.


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